Juliet Pratt Speaker Auckland  

"As a speaker myself you achieved what very few speakers can do and that was to not only have the audience respond verbally to your motivation but also participate in a physical fashion. Congratulations as this is an achievement well done.

Everyone should take at least one point from any seminar and I can honestly say your motto “One small step” is ringing loudly in my ear. I have used this saying to good advantage.

Thank you again for your enlightening motivational session."

- Alan Snaith
Financial Adviser

Open wide...and prepare to lose your marbles


A frightening 1.4 million New Zealanders aged between 40 and 75 are walking about with their mouths full of poison.  Their amalgam fillings contain toxic mercury which can cause brain damage.

The Health Department stands accused of “being asleep at the wheel” as a toxicologist made this dire prediction to Truth.

Says Dr Mike Godfrey of Tauranga: “We’re inexorably heading for an epidemic of senile dementia as the baby boomers, with their average of 10 fillings, head into their senior years.”

Godfrey is one of a group of doctors and dentists supporting a campaign requiring the government to ban the use of amalgam.  It’s spearheaded by Auckland insurance consultant Juliet Pratt who claims the chronic fatigue syndrome she suffered for nine years was caused by mercury leaking from her amalgam fillings.

“Mercury amalgam is considered hazardous waste after it has been removed”, she says, “so why is it in our bodies?

“We want it prohibited immediately for use on children and pregnant women and phased out entirely by the end of 2013.”

Pratt’s petition with 1,300 signatures has been sent to parliament’s health select committee.

A source which didn’t want to be named says the insurance industry, still battling the “tobacco disaster”, sees dental amalgam having the potential to be an even bigger threat.

According to the World Health Organisation, mercury causes Alzheimer’s dementia and names amalgam as the predominant source. It says research has shown that levels of mercury found in the brain are directly proportional to the number of fillings and there was no level at which mercury ceased to have a detrimental effect.

Following a 1996 study into mercury vapour from amalgam, Health Canada concluded it was inadvisable for amalgam to be placed in the mouth of pregnant or breast-feeding women, in small children and those with kidney disease.

Says Godfrey - a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology: “Following this, our Health Department repeated the Canadian advisory in a notice to all dental personnel but it has been essentially ignored.

“It’s scientifically proven that amalgam cannot be an inert alloy when placed in the mouth and bathed in warm, salty and frequently acidic saliva. Electrolysis and corrosion are inevitable as any school chemistry textbook would show.”

In 1968, 21-year-olds had an average of 16 fillings and 15-year-olds an average of 13.

Says Godfrey: “The future consequence of what was essentially an over-enthusiastic, uncontrolled dental experiment of the 1950-’75 period needs to be seriously evaluated.

“Only a handful of GPs, let alone consultants and specialists, appear to have any real awareness of the underlying, covert dental cause of their patients’ illnesses.”

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