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"Thank you for your motivating presentation at Renwick. It is encouraging to hear someone share what they have personally been through and use that tool to present as you did . I have set myself goals for the new year that will give me increases in commission as well as my own personal development.

Participation by attendees at the seminar was entertaining and advise given was well received by me."

- Tim Stevenson
Financial Adviser
Canterbury Financial Services

Amalgam debate rages on

Source: TV3 Monday February 16, 2009

Thousands of New Zealanders have fillings in their mouth, most of them made from amalgam.

But one woman says the amalgam is to blame for her ongoing health issues, and she's got hundreds of people to sign a petition calling for the substance to be banned in dentistry.

But the Ministry of Health says there's no need for a ban.

Sunrise spoke to Dr Robin Whyman, the chief dental officer at the ministry of health and campaigner Juliet Pratt.

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Juliet Pratt Speaker Auckland

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