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"I would like to say a big thank you for sharing your success story the other day at the B2B business meeting. I had a very rough 6 months last year- the worst of my life. My mother says to me if that was anyone else they would have ended up in mental health and she is right. As I listened to you I realised I too focused on the next step and the next step and thatís how I overcame all the adversity was facing at that time.

But I guess life gets in the way and we donít stop to analyse what processes we used to get ahead until we come across someone else who shares their story.

So thank you. Funnily enough I got home that night and a girlfriend called me in absolute tears about her life and I shared your story. You made a difference to another person without even realising it."

- Vanitha Subramaniam
Life and Business Leadership Coach (Insinclife)
Pharmanex Distributor

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Juliet Pratt Speaker Auckland

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