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"Juliet has a very powerful story to share. She brings passion and drive to her audience along with personal and professional stories that motivate.

I would recommend her as a fabulous 'Conference Speaker' at any event."

- Carla Zanotto, Regional Marketing Consultant/Living Benefits Specialist, Canada Life

"Well done. You do have a valuable message that people across the whole world want to hear. Thank you for your support over the past year. It's been fun and hugely satisfying to see people like you ‘show up'.

- Profitable Teams-Donald Jessep, Immediate Past President National Speakers Association of NZ

Speaker Juliet Pratt

The Power of Every Step

My presentation is geared to inspire and motivate, by recounting personal challenges, the steps taken to face those challenges and eventually overcome them.

My expertise is speaking from the heart, in particular, on trauma’s which have affected myself and my family.

Through several stories I recount how, with no formal training, I moved from a bank teller to owning an award winning company, and overcoming the deathly fear of public speaking, all by following the philosophy of focusing on the next small step.

"Sensational, and one of the best presentations I have heard."
- Sue Kedgley MP, Parliament, Wellington

My journey and recovery from a major health scare, how I raised the profile of my concerns, by pushing the boundaries in areas outside my business.

  1. Working with Television New Zealand
  2. Instrumental in leading, a national campaign to obtain Government attention on a major health issue, which could become Worldwide.
  3. Personally challenging 4 celebrities, who relayed 160km cycling, in the biggest annual cycle race held in New Zealand.

While we all have different circumstances, surrounding events, our ability to move beyond those challenges, to achieve anything we would like in life and business relies on the same philosophy- focusing on that next small step.

I believe success is not defined by what you have achieved, but, by what obstacles you have overcome along the way.

"It has been my pleasure to listen to Juliet Pratt as a keynote speaker. Seldom do people voice their message with so much passion and sincerity. Juliet uses a lot of her life experiences to relate to the audience in a moving and compassionate way and takes us, the audience, on a roller coaster ride of emotion, only to arrive safely at the destination she wishes us to be.

Juliet speaks from the heart in a practical business sense, allowing us to 'walk in her shoes' so that we might fully understand her message. Her use of story, fact and humour blend together to impart key messages and there is no doubting what it is that Juliet wishes us to do, thereby making us the better for having listened'.

- David Nottage, Torque Ltd, World Champion of Public Speaking

Juliet Pratt Speaker Auckland

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